Guidelines for Posting

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Guidelines for Posting

Postby LocalPetSpotterAdmin » Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:00 pm

Welcome to our Pets in Need section! As you may have guessed - this section is for pets in need. As such, the rules and guidelines for this thread are slightly different than our other threads.

This is not a thread for pets who are for sale!!!

Pets in need are pets that are not being sold - they are pets that need to be relocated or need to find a new home.

Please follow these guidelines for posting:
Description of pet (including all necessary information - like age, how well they get along with children and other pets, etc)
How soon they need a new home
Any encountered issues a new owner may expect (illness, disability, etc)
Any other information you feel is necessary or relevant in order to place your pet in the best home you can

As with our other sections - remember that all information that is posted in our forums can be seen by everyone.

If you are going to meet with someone with hopes of providing a pet a new forever home, please meet in a bright, familiar, and well populated area = we cannot stress this enough for the safety of our users!!!
Admin of Local Pet Spotter

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