Guidelines for Posting

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Guidelines for Posting

Postby LocalPetSpotterAdmin » Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:00 pm

Firstly, we are extremely thankful to see that you are using Local Pet Spotter to try and reunite a family with their lost pet! Our hope is that our forum can help bring families back together and users like you are a big part of making this a reality. This post is designed to remind you about what types of information you may want to share to help the lost pet you've found find their home again.

Please follow these guidelines when posting:
Include the (approximate) date the pet was found or last seen.
Include the (approximate) location the pet was found or last seen.
Include a complete and detailed description of the pet (especially any identifying features or marks - like a collar, tag, unique coloration, etc).
Attach a photo of the pet, if you are able.

A descriptive title is the best kind of title!
Try something like "Young, orange and white tabby cat with purple collar found" instead of "Cat found"

Please be cautious when posting personal information!
Anyone can see what you post in the forums - including members and non-members alike.
If you post your personal information in a post, anyone can see it an utilize it.
It is suggested you use the closest cross streets or landmarks as locations instead of addresses.
Registered users also have the capability of sending private messages to other registered users - but please use caution when sharing personal information even through messages.

If you plan on meeting someone with the hopes of the returning a lost pet - meet in a bright, well populated area that you are comfortable. We can't stress this enough for the safety of our users.
Admin of Local Pet Spotter

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