Cat scratching everywhere!

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Cat scratching everywhere!

Postby shawnturner » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:56 am

Hello all,

My cat goes outdoors and was using one of a carpeting hand maid scratching post. I had to move it out of the house when my grand kids came to live with me who are gone now. Then it got tossed because it was too loose. Since then the cat scratches everywhere but especially the sofa. She has made holes in it. She also scratches back of dining room chairs, door moldings, my car seats if she can get in there, and basically everywhere. I had a nice sisal post and a cat tree with carpet and a small scratching one they lay in too. My problem is:
A. My male will claim the posts and deters her but I do see her scratch when he is not around.
B. She is now used to scratching the sofas for months.

I was thinking of getting another post just like the one I got rid of made again. It was heavy duty.
1. How can I get her used to using it?
2. How can I keep my male from claiming it too!
3. Could she need her nails clipped a bit - usually don't do this as she goes outside and needs to jump fences and such using her nails.

I want to get new sofas when (if) she can ever be retrained.

thank you.

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