Rules for Posting - Warnings - Consequences

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Rules for Posting - Warnings - Consequences

Postby LocalPetSpotterAdmin » Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:09 pm

While our board rules remain, there is one unique rule for this forum in particular (listed in bold below):

  • No profanity/other offensive language
  • No posts/comments/pictures of a sexual nature
  • No harassment of others
  • No threats
  • No "finder's fees"
  • No asking for rewards or asking if there is a reward
  • No spam
  • No selling or advertisements of other services (unless board is marked for this purpose)

If a rule is broken - there is a report button located at the top of each post.
Depending on the severity of the offense, any of the below actions may be taken:

  • Deletion/editing of post
  • Messaged warning to user
  • Restriction of user privileges
  • Banning of user
Admin of Local Pet Spotter

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