Lost small black cat in Depot Town Ypsi

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Lost small black cat in Depot Town Ypsi

Postby CommunityConnector » Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:52 am

This cat - Jasper - has been missing since Thanksgiving
He lives in Depot Town near the co-op in Ypsilanti

Jasper (lost).jpg

As seen above, Jasper is all black with some white markings on his chest. He is collared with a name tag - which has his owner's address and phone number. He is also microchipped, so it's likely he has not been taken to a shelter.

Please - contact the owner directly if you find Jasper via the information on his nametag. If you believe you found Jasper, but he doesn't have his tag, contact us here we can provide contact information for his family.

Thank you.


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